Speaking Engagements

I have had the pleasure of presenting at several conferences, making guest appearances for TV shows, and saying hi on the radio. Topics range from Women's empowerment in STEM to industry technical briefings.
Using design processes in the development cycle
Madison, WI (Epic Systems), October 2021
Presentation to over 2,000 attendees at a company-wide development meeting. I shared how to use the Double Diamond to find the right problems to solve and iterate on design solutions.
Keynote Address: Challenges and Opportunities in the US Solar Market
Changzhou, China (home of Foxconn), December 2017
I was invited by the DongYing Government to deliver an address to local politicians, businessmen, and investors at the US-China CleanTech Summit. Since China produces over 70% of the world's solar panels, this was an exciting and critical opportunity to reach key audiences in the manufacturing field. Audience of 500.
Company Presentation: SolarGaps
ChangChou, China (home of Foxconn), December 2017
Presenting SolarGaps solar home solutions to politicians, businessmen, and investors at the US-China CleanTech Summit. Audience of 150. 
Company Presentation: SolarGaps
DongYing, China (large economic zone), December 2017
Presenting SolarGaps home and business solutions to politicians, businessmen, and investors at the DongYing US-China CleanTech Summit. Audience of 150. 
BBC 100 Women: TV Documentary
Mountain View, California, October 2017
In September I was nominated by the BBC to represent the growing field of Women in STEM in Silicon Valley. Filming for the internationally broadcasted show lasted 5 days in Alphabet's Playground Global headquarters. The show followed a team of five women, all STEM advocates, who teamed up to address gender inequality in the field. 
During the project, I worked with a team of engineers and marketing professionals to create a wearable device that connected and empowered women across diverse professional fields. The 5-day "hackathon" allowed me to sketch, 3D model, 3D print, render, and create a final wearable prototype of the device.
Meet The Drapers: TV Show
Mountain View, California, September 2017
Pitching SolarGaps to The Drapers, one of America's wealthiest self-made families! The segment aired in January 2018.
SVIEF 2017: Silicon Valley Entrepreneurship Forum 2017
San Jose, California, September 2017
Presenting on behalf of Women in STEM, I represented SolarGaps to an audience of investors and critics. Out of over 1,000 applicants and 200 presentations, SolarGaps placed third!
French National TV: Channel 3 
Paris, France, September 2016
Filmed for national TV showcasing the Adok Touch Projector, and speaking about the challenges and opportunities during development of the product.
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